Yedioth: Israelis will construct a Power Station in Venezuela

The company which will construct the station is Telemenia of the F.K. Generators Group, which these days, won the international tender of the large iron pipes producer in Venezuela “ArcelorMittal”. The power station will produce 12.5 MW, and its construction cost is approximately 35 million shekels.

ArcelorMittal is a large governmental company which employs about 260 thousand workers and produces iron and steel products for the vehicle, construction, home wear and pipe industries in a scope of 100 million tons per year.

The deal was made by purchasing two local Venezuelan companies which participated in the tender. “In this tender we beat large international companies such as Caterpillar, Cummins, Wartsila and more”, said Telemenia’s CEO.

Telemenia has constructed power stations in South America in the past: In Brazil a station with an output of 148 MW, in Goiana and in Cuba 7 8-20 MW power stations. Recently, Telemenia won the tender for the construction of a second power station operating on natural gas in Gabon. Large international companies such as General Electric, Rolls Royce, Siemens and Wartsila participated in the Gabon government’s tender for the construction of a power station in the city of Port Gentil.

A power station operating on natural gas is characterized by producing cleaner electricity to the environment. The reason for this is that natural gas is the friendliest combustion gas to the environment in terms of air polluting emissions. Another large tender which the company recently won is for the construction of a hydroelectric power station in Kazakhstan with an 200 MW output, which can provide electricity to 300 thousand households.

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