About Us


Telemenia was founded in 1956 by Mr. Jacob Levkovitch as the “Levkovitch-Tzuker” Partnership. In 1968 the company was incorporated and changed its name to Telemenia.

Concessions from leading electrical equipment manufacturers

Telemenia is awarded as the Israeli concession for electrical equipment manufacturer of Telemecanique, expands its areas of activity and increases its economic and technical strength.

Expansion into Africa

Telemenia expands its activities into Africa as an EPC contractor and carries our planning and construction of diesel power power plantsplants of up to 10 MW.

The Purchase

The F.K. Generators & Equipment Group Ltd. acquires Telemenia. Telemenia focuses its activities in the field of promoting and constructing power plantsplants around the world.

International Breakthrough

Signing of EPC contracts around the world including Russia, Africa, South America and Europe.

For the past 25 years

Telemenia specializes in and bases its activities on engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of power plants, the promotion and development of large and medium size power plants and provides operational and maintenance services (O&M) for the power plants it has built.

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