A Second Energy Project in Gabon for the Israeli Company Telemenia

Among others, Telemenia beat Siemens, General Electric and Rolls Royce. The power station which will be constructed will be dual fuel (natural gas and diesel for back up) and will produce about 110 MW for the industrial city Port Gentil.

The F.K. Group (Feldman Kurtz) was established 20 years ago and it specializes in the establishment of small and medium size power plants. The company is in a partnership in Ituran and about a year and half ago it expanded its activity by purchasing the solar company Inbar.

In the past few years the company has secured a number of contracts abroad for the construction of medium power stations, the most prominent one being the contract for the construction of a power station in Brazil with an output of 150 MW which the company won in 2009.

Three years ago the group completed the construction of its first power station in Gabon, which produces 70 MW to the capital city Libreville.

The company’s CEO estimates the station’s construction cost at 550 to 600 million shekels. According to him, the station will employ a team of 200 Israeli workers who will plan the new power station and will supervise its construction. The project is expected to be completed by June 2012.

In the following months the F.K. Group is projected to expand its activity to Asia and East Europe as well, with two power station construction projects in Kazakhstan and Albania.

According to Bloomberg news agency, only about 60% of the Gabon population is connected to electricity. The Country intends on giving access to electricity to the entire population by 2020.

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