A 105 MW Power Station for Port Gentil

This is the logical outcome of the President of the Republic’s determination, as of August 11, 2011 at the Council of Ministers held in Ogooué-Maritime, where he pledged to permanently solve the issue of electricity supply to the petroleum-producing city. Paul BIYOGUE’s MBA Government, including the Ministry of Energy and Hydraulic Resources, has implemented the decision by organizing an international bid that led to the selection of the Israeli company, Telemenia, for the construction of the power plant. Telemenia’s experience is well-known in Gabon, for the construction of the (70 MW) thermal power station in Alénakiri.

The construction of the power plant in Port Gentil is imminent. Like that of Alénakiri, it will be of third generation and will operate on natural gas or diesel fuel. Currently in progress, the topographical works will not only make the implementation of various works by taking into account all phases of the project but will also determine the exact distance of the site relative to the PERENCO pipeline, which is a key indicator for assessing the cost of the connection. A geotechnical study to determine the type of soil for foundation design of structures will be undertaken as quickly as possible. The energy will be delivered in 2013.

Extending the directives of the Head of State, the Minister of Energy and Hydraulic Resources, Mr. Régis IMMONGAULT, who made the completion of this project a priority in order to stop unwanted power failures from happening in the economic heart of Gabon. It is a strategy that integrates the Master Plan of this Ministry, which seeks to extend significantly the energy production in the country, to reach 1000 MW by 2016. This option corresponds to the great vision of the Republic’s President: “Energy precedes growth”… Translated from http://www.merh.gouv.ga/derniere-nouvelle/une-centrale-de-105-megawatts-pour-port-gentil

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