Development of Large and Medium Sized Private Power Plants

Telemenia has joined the global trend for electricity produced from electric companies to private power plants. Telemenia is active in the construction of private power plants.

As part of its activities in this area, Telemenia identifies suitable locations, selects the technology based on site conditions and the demands of the local electrical economy, manages the authorization and permits process, designs and plans the power plant and signs contracts for the sale of electricity and financing for the power plant. Following this, Telemenia moves on to the execution phase: construction and operation of the power plant and the sale of electricity and thermal products to industrial customers or the local electricity market.

Telemenia sets up power plants in a client’s factory area after analyzing electrical demands and adapting the technologies best suited to the client’s needs for the supply of electricity and financial savings.

After completion of the power station, Telemenia offers its clients a range of long term services 24/7 from full operation and maintenance (O&M) or just maintenance (LTSA).

Examples of Telemenia projects:

80 megawatt, fuel oil, Iquitos, Peru

61 megawatt, bio-diesel, Brazil – construction of the following sites: Humaita, Nova Olinda, Borba, São Gabriel, Autazes.

One megawatt, bio-gas, sewage treatment plant, Kfar Saba, Hod HaSharon

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